RimotHEALTH provides screening platform to Acadian Seaplants for a safer workplace during COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

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Developed inCanada, RimotHEALTH is a turnkey workplace safety screening solution to further protect employees, while reducing unplanned shutdowns and absenteeism

DARTMOUTH, NS,Nov. 18, 2020/CNW/ – The impact of COVID-19 has negatively affected almost every industry across Canada and continues to cause outbreaks, resulting in workplace shutdowns and lost productivity. Safety is now top of mind for employers, employees and their families. RimotHEALTH is helping solve these critical challenges through its state-of-the-art technology and turnkey service to safely operate facilities in the world’s new normal.

With 400 employees worldwide, Acadian Seaplants deployed 12 devices to its facilities in Canada, Ireland and Scotland to protect employees and ensure business continuity. The units and cloud service screen for health indicators in a contactless manner using a thermal camera to capture facial temperature without removing mandatory masks and by using foot pedals to answer a customizable questionnaire. As the employee is notified of the result, the RimotHEALTH system aggregates data in real-time, from a high organizational to a location-based level, providing unparalleled insights for informed operations decisions and compliance with health and safety policies and best practices.”We are leading the way for employee safety and providing employers with unparalleled visibility of the screening process through our central monitoring portal, which can be accessed remotely,” said Andrew Boswell, CEO of Rimot.

“COVID-19 has impacted all of us and we wanted to leverage our existing and trusted Rimot monitoring platform to help people and companies safely return to work.”RimotHEALTH’s units are proudly made in Canada to help manage COVID-19 and are being deployed in various industries, such as government, education, manufacturing, health and long-term care and public safety. In the first phase of COVID-19, Acadian Seaplants deployed RimotHEALTH to alpha test the units providing timely feedback needed to evolve the product and bring it to market successfully.”What sets RimotHEALTH apart is the technology that allows employers to manage COVID-19 related situations in real-time with data that lives in the country where it’s collected,” said Jean-Paul Deveau, President & CEO of Acadian Seaplants.

“As a part of the global food chain, we stayed open during the first wave of COVID-19 and our employees tell us they feel safer at work than they do at home due to the protocols we put in place, including the utilization of RimotHEALTH’s technology, which allows us to screen for certain COVID-19 risk indicators right at our front door.”

RimotHEALTH generates information into the portal in real-time, allowing employers to dissect on a location-by-location basis or to flag geographies or sites requiring follow-up or operational changes. Key capabilities include alerting key members in real time by text or email of any issues as they arise for quick corrective action.

RimotHEALTH provides fast deployment kits for on-site screening at critical locations with no IP networking or local servers needed. All employers need to do is unpack and plug in the equipment.To prevent the spread of COVID-19 in workplaces, the Government ofCanada, Government of theUnited Kingdomand the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have endorsed screening employees for indicators of illness and risk of contagion before entering the workplace. RimotHEALTH provides employers with continuous insight to avoid downtime and reduce the time and cost of issues – all while improving the safety of their employees and facilities.


Rimot, headquartered inDartmouth, Nova Scotia, offers monitoring-as-a-service to keep critical infrastructure and teams working for business and government organizations. The company provides turnkey remote monitoring to maximize reliability of critical equipment in the field and minimize its downtime, maintenance costs, and risk. Rimot’s real-time analytics provide organizations with digital operational data to address problems quickly or avoid them.

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Acadian Seaplants Limited is a fully-integrated, bio-tech manufacturer of premium agricultural products, cultivated sea-vegetables and functional ingredients derived from select species of aquatic plants. Founded in 1981, Acadian established the seaweed industry in Canada and today is the world leader in marine plant products for people, animals and plants with exports to over 80 countries.


RimotHEALTH cannot be used to diagnose coronavirus, is not a medical diagnostics device, and is not certified for use in the medical industry nor for medical purposes. Only a duly licensed medical professional can diagnose an individual’s medical condition.

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